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Saturday, January 21, 2012

You've Hit a Writing Stalemate? Just DO IT.

"Bacardi & it."

A few minutes ago, I just got a tweet from a friend of mine, a thriller writer with amazing voice, who is going to attempt to climb the literary version of Mt. Everest this weekend, and write 15k words, to finish his manuscript, which I have to far is beyond fabulous.

He's ready to do it.  But you know something, sometimes life gets in the way of your writing progress, or you hit a wall, creatively speaking.

For example, I need to also lay down a few more chapters this weekend as I am itching, itching to finish my manuscript also, but alas, life has stopped me cold in my tracks.

"Mom, Jeshua and I want to go to the movies and see Red Tails with dad, can you run to the bank and get me some cash?"

"Honey, can you take the dog to the groomer?  Wyatt is all muddy from the walk in the torrential downpour this morning, and he smells funny."


I need, want, have to write, but all these road blocks keep popping up before my eyes.

You know what?  Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and DO IT.

Get into character, find that storyline, put on your cowgirl hat (or cowboy) and boots, maybe even a fake mustache, and DO IT.  GET INTO CHARACTER.  Feel it.  Imagine using the movies of your mind, what your characters are saying or doing at the last spot in your manuscript, and pound those keys on your laptop, and DO IT.

Think about your characters.  They're waiting on you, too, and they're probably bored they've been frozen in position, maybe mid-kiss or with a bullet floating in the air, only inches from their heart, as you take out the trash, take the dog to the groomer, or sit around mindlessly watching t.v. and some dumb reality show.

I'm going to bet that most of us, don't write as our day job, and I'm one of you.  I can however, think and imagine what my characters are doing, and then rush home and try to enact that inspiration electronically and write a few more pages, keeping the action going.

But if you're stuck, just DO IT.

I'll DO just that, when I return from driving about 20 minutes to go pick up the dog from the groomer.  They just called, he's ready, fluffy hairdo and all.  He should look really cute.

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L.H. Thomson said...

LOL, I appreciate the sentiment, Joey. Between my wife, the two dogs and the four cats, if I get eight seconds of silence it feels like an eternity. I'm thinking of buying ear plugs, just for writing.