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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Makin' Whoopie (Pie) and Low-Fat Love!

I love whoopie pies.  They're rather en vogue right now, but somehow I never thought they ever truly went out of style.

If you've never had one,  let me introduce you, dear readers, to the magnificence of the whoopie pie.

And let me say at this time, NO they aren't really pies at all.  They are small cakes, shaped like cookies, made of chocolate-y goodness, with creamy frosting on the inside, or a whipped cream-like concoction.

A luscious whoopie pie from Labadie's bakery.  Check em out:!

But if you're attempting to stick to your New Year's resolution of working out, eating healthy, losing weight, or another lofty goal, you might realize they aren't the lowest of fat treats.  In fact, the filling makes most major blood vessels shudder violently, then suddenly clog. But they're darn good, and like I say..every rule is made to be broken!

So what does someone do when faced with utter chocolate lust, and the need for that frosting-like filling, yet can't pencil in a cardiologist visit during their lunch hour?

Easy.  They improvise.

Like my favorite internet and now t.v. low fat chef, Hungry Girl!

She totally saves the day with her low-fat version of the whoopie pie.  You learn how to make this uuber yummy creation when Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl) drops in on the Rachel Ray show!

Tonight before hubby and I made dinner (jambalaya), I had to run out to our neighborhood Publix to retrieve a few more ingredients and saw the Vita-Tops Muffins were a buy one/get one free, as well as the fat-free Cool Whip!  Instantly this turned on the light bulb in my head, and I decided it was whoopie pie night at our house.
= Lusty, Low-Fat Love!

Trust's good.  Try it.  Incidentally, your cardiovascular system will thank you.

But when there's nothing but real whoopie pie on the brain, when it's all about the real deal, then you need to hop over to Bakerella's blog and check her recipe and this new book out!  
A delicious reading experience, by Nancy Griffin!

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