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Friday, January 6, 2012

Each Day He Waits By the Door..

For his boy to come home from school.

This is too precious a moment to miss sharing with you, so I had to take a photo of it today.

Every day, Monday through Friday,  Wyatt, our rescued, four year old  Havanese, waits patiently for the glimpse of a yellow bus.  This little fluffy fella has done this since he was eight weeks old.

He stands or sits by the door for hours,  usually beginning somewhere near two p.m. and will do so until the school bus drops Michael, age 13, off around four-thirty.  When his boy is finally in sight, Wyatt shakes and wiggles all over and you can just see the love and excitement.

The unconditional love our pets feel for us is truly amazing.  Sometimes I think we should be more like them.


Mindy McGinnis said...

Very sweet :) something to be said for canines, I suppose.

L.H. Thomson said...

Dogs rule! We have two who start getting excited when my wife gets home ....before she even turns onto our street.

And her times vary, so it's not just scheduling. They just seem to know when she's almost home.

Joey Francisco said...

@Mindy: I love dogs and cats and even have a macaw. Such sweet spirts. Feel blessed to share my life with them!

@L.H.: They do seem to know. Some sort of intuition. I definitely believe dogs know when a storm is coming. Our old mastiff (rip Simon 8/2010) would run around in circles always before a thunderstorm.