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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hiding in Plain Sight

This is one of my favorite tricks I'm using in my manuscript, with regard to a key scene, which revolves around an item containing information accidentally taken from the Antagonist which will be eventually used against him, using a similar item and principles.  

I've read tons of other thrillers where there are elaborate plans made to safeguard secrets, and sometimes that's simply not needed.  In my opinion, some of the smartest criminals or spies, are the ones who make the best use of camouflage.  

One of my favorite thrillers was THE DA VINCI CODE by Dan Brown, and the entire premise of this book was built around a two-thousand year old secret being supposedly hidden in plain sight within a painting created by Leonardo Da Vinci. This is another example of the whole "hiding in plain sight" phenomenon.  The simplicity of the message hidden within the painting was sublime, and made this work of fiction almost blend into fact for its devotees who devoured this book.  

This one painting in one scene, brought controversy into the pulpit, and made millions worldwide reconsider the big "what if" with regard to Christianity.  That's a lot of power wielded by a simple picture.  Ah, the power of the pen when wielded with perfect precision.
Dan Brown's book based upon this painting and a supposed secret message made
for the sale of millions of copies of THE DA VINCI CODE. 

Have you ever lost your car keys or something you needed in your home and realized they were there all the time sitting right under your nose?   Maybe you misplaced your sunglasses, only to find they were sitting on top of your head all the time?  Those are other examples of items hiding in plain sight.  

Let's see if you can name some other popular works of fiction which employ the whole "hiding in plain sight" phenomena.   I can't wait for you to find out about the little secret I've hidden  in THE DEATH BROKERS, and how it gets out! 

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