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Saturday, January 14, 2012

For Our Followers, a Thank You and Sneak Peek at a Coming Contest!

If you're wondering where your wonderful face or icon is under followers, don't worry,  I contacted them a few weeks ago with this problem, and they haven't yet fixed it.   Fear not my friends,  I will attempt to get to the bottom of it.  Soon I hope all your smiling faces or avatars will be shown as followers.

 Right now I'd like to give all the friends, visitors and followers of  "Soul and Sweet Tea", a huge, huge thank you for helping me get my blog off the ground.  You ARE appreciated and these are for you.  Cheers!

Without you, none of this would be possible.  Keep reading, because in the coming weeks, a fabulous contest will be launched, to celebrate the blog launch, our readers and our friends who are writers.  It's for you!  Shhh..but let's keep this a secret for a while longer.


I'll be teaming up with a wonderful bookstore from Chicago, called Open Books, which gives back to school-aged children and enables them to explore the magical world of books!  Go check them out, and see the good they're doing one book at a time.

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Rin said...

That's fantastic! Love that you're pairing up with a great bookstore, too! :) Looking forward to the contest!