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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Send In Your Merriest for Friday Funnies!

Why?  Because we all need a chuckle during the holidays.  The first holiday edition of Friday Funnies will come to you in one more week!

Therefore I now proclaim, since it's officially two days past Thanksgiving, time for our first-ever Friday Funnies, Holiday 2013 edition of "You MIGHT be a Writer"!  Due to the Thanksgiving holidays, I decided to pass on yesterday's Friday Funnies, and instead gear up for the next Friday, and I need your help.

While originally I was going to call this segment simply "You MIGHT be a Thriller Writer", I realized the many wonderful, friendly scribes I know don't all write in the same genre, so I'm opening the door wide for all genres, but with only one caveat~

So tweet or send it to me.  You just might see yours featured!

Now on with the merry.  Deck your halls.  Dance at the office party.
George Costanza:  "Sweet, fancy Moses!"

Strut around proudly in that reindeer sweater!

It's the merriest time of the year, and time to push aside those troubling thoughts of looming tax-hikes and something called a Mayan prophecy.
It's holiday time!

Now drink that egg nog and send me your holiday-inspired versions of "You MIGHT be a Writer"!

DO NOT post it as a comment on this post (because hey, that'd be giving half the fun away), but instead tweet or email me your ho-ho-holiday musings and you might find your words featured on the blog!

Btw, on twitter, I am JoeynGA.

Wishing you and your family all things merry and bright~

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