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Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Funnies: You MIGHT Be a Thriller Writer!

If your significant other paints her fingernails in a shade called, "The Spy Who Loved Me"...

She MIGHT be a thriller writer!
Yea, I really did that!  Have I mentioned how much I love Ian Fleming?
Happy 50th Birthday James Bond~

Send me some funny thoughts for another segment of "You Might Be a Thriller Writer", by either commenting here or sending me an email!  And yea, for those who aren't thriller writers, you can send me chuckles regarding your genre as well.  Let's have some Friday fun!  I can only imagine what suggestions I'll get from sci-fi or fantasy writers, and I'll highlight them in future Friday Funnies.

Happy Friday y'all.


AFord said...

Sounds interesting! Happy Friday to you too.

Michelle 4 Laughs said...

There's a lot of thriller ingredients in speculative fiction. You might be a thriller writer if you stake out Goodwill boxes as possible body stash places.

I'm not weird, I just write.

Frances Ohanenye said...

Hello, my friend, it's been a while, but what an interesting post. I will respond below.

You are a Thriller Writer when you:
1. Buy furniture that looks like the ones Agatha Christie described in her novels and sit on it for inspiration.
2. Write letters to Sherlock Holmes even though you know he is not a real person to ask how he does "it".
3.Attend all James Bond movies on premier night without failure for inspiration.
4. Read all of Ian Fleming's novels and waited impatiently for him to resume writing.
5. Find yourself quoting James Bond's onscreen and in-the-novel sayings in normal, everyday conversations.
6. Are in love with Alex Cross, the first Alex Cross--his height, build, and mannerisms--and wish you had created the character first.

Joey Francisco said...

@Michelle4laughs: What a witty and slightly dangerous giggle! I love it! This one will go in next week's!

@Frances Ohanenye: Hey my poetic friend! Such fun suggestions. I love them! You shall see them included as well! And yea, I own a few antiques. Maybe I shall sit on it and see what happens? Hmmm. An interesting thougt. Will take trusty laptop and sit on the chair in the dining room. :)