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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving~

Look deeper.  Give Thanks.

Back as a pre-med major in college, I listened to many professors, most of whom were atheists. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's perfectly fine by me to believe what you wish.

 I heard so many concepts during my first year in college, that eventually my faith began to chip away little by little each day with every lecture in science classes or in anthropology that I doubted some of the principles that had clearly defined my life.

Eventually by sophomore year, I had tossed my faith aside.

Until one fateful day.

I had to write a paper in a certain class about the proverbial meaning of life.  Didn't know what to write.  I didn't know what the meaning of life was.  After all, we were just a bunch of mindless ants, almost drone-like trying to make our little corner of the universe better for a short and finite time, right?

While contemplating this matter, I'd decided to go outside and sit on one of the picnic tables behind my dormitory.  It was early fall, and the trees were ablaze in their splendor, so I decided to lie down on top of a picnic table to take a better look at them, when suddenly a gust of cool wind set their limbs in motion, sending leaves falling down all around me, and one particular giant leaf fell on top of my nose.

I picked it up, remembering what I'd learned in my botany classes, began to examine it and held it up to the sunshine.  I marveled at the miniscule structures and bright burnt-orange color, but something else happened that very moment.

While admiring the very structure of that leaf I felt an interconnected-ness to it.  Immediately I sat up and looked all around at the trees, the students walking around, the sky, the clouds, and whatever remnant of my abandoned faith that remained, grew and filled my heart in that quiet moment,  making me wonder if maybe,   just maybe, everything on earth WASN'T an accident.  In that moment I saw beauty, I saw connected-ness, I saw life, and more hope inside than I'd felt in such a long time.

So today I am thankful.  I am blessed to have a beautiful family and wonderful friends and also, I'm thankful for that leaf that fell twenty some-odd years ago onto my nose.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and no matter what you believe, find the beauty in this day and open your heart  and feel the love that surrounds you.

Oh, and almost forgot, during this holiday season give to someone in need.  Help others find more reasons to fill their hearts with thanksgiving.  It's a beautiful feeling.

And remember to give thanks for our liberty and for the men and women of our armed forces who protect our freedom.


Debra Dunbar said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

I always found science classes to bolster faith. Especially genetics and microbiology. Everything in the human body is so complicated, with every tiny portion relying on another. One small thing goes wrong, and nothing works right. The chances of something going wrong seem huge. Knowing all that, it's truly a miracle that healthy people are born at all.

And, as you mentioned - a shout out to my atheist friends who are some of the most charitable, appreciative-of-life people I know!

Joey Francisco said...


I agree with you wholeheartedly! Every day at work I see medical miracles, but sometimes I just step back and embrace the miracles when they do seem to happen.

We did have a great Thanksgiving (my mil is a retired biologist) and she and I always have fun and interesting discussions, much like this one.

Hope you had a lovely holiday too. Merry Christmas! I can say that now can't I? Day after T'giving. :)