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Sunday, September 30, 2012

James Bond Turns Fifty!

And he still looks fabulous. Fleming was Bond...the most interesting man in the world.
(I had to add: He's in a tie with my hubs...the other most interesting man in the world!)
^Second most interesting man in the world.
And now to mention it, why on earth is Bond drinking a Heineken in Skyfall?
That's fifty shades of WRONG.
 Since a teen, I've read Ian Fleming's books and have to say that the books and movies hugely influenced me as a thriller writer, because the intrigue and exotic locales make for selfish escapism.  I like my reads to sweep me off my feet and away to places filled with adventure, romance, and of course...danger.
In my evil little manuscript, THE DEATH BROKERS, there's the same mix.  My homage to Ian.

Thank you Mr. Fleming for fifty years of style and intrigue.  
Nobody does it better.  Epitome of Cool.
We'll touch on Mr. Bond's golden anniversary in future posts this year, but for today, let's talk about how to travel like Bond.  Grab your martini (shaken not stirred) in one hand and passport in the other and let's go to the place where it all began.  Goldeneye!

This is where Fleming's fingers tapped away on the typewriter creating the legend of Bond.  It's no stretch to see how he could have gleaned literary inspiration while being in such a glorious local.  Now I've been to Jamaica twice, but haven't yet been to Goldeneye, but can say it is indeed on my bucket list.  And another item on that list is to have my photo snapped while sitting at his desk.  Le sigh.  A thriller writer can dream, right?  I have also been to one more Bond location, made famous in the remake of Casino Royale, having had dinner at the One and Only Ocean Club during a stop-over in the Bahamas.

Here's a few photos of this fabulous villa located in Orcabessa, Jamaica.

Now that we've discovered where the books were written, we'll jet away in future posts to discover some of the cities and sights made famous in the novels.  For me, travelling like Bond would be THE ultimate road trip.

Want to see more?  Check out Tripadvisor: 

For our imaginary travel itinerary, read this outstanding article by Robert Reid over at Lonely Planet:

Lonely Planet's 007 Travel Guide

What books have inspired your travel?  Tell us about it.

And before I go, here's more gratuitous Bond inspiration!
If you take Chris Cornell + James Bond, you get the coolest spy song ever.  


Michelle 4 Laughs said...

OMG, Joey! I totally love that song. Not kidding. I play it over and over from Youtube because I'm too cheap to buy a copy. It was the song I used when I first started writing.

I'm a huge Bond movie fan. Can't wait for the new one this fall. Maybe I should try reading the books.

Joey Francisco said...

Michelle, I downloaded that song the first time I heard it. Love love love Chris Cornell. And loved that movie!

It is a great song, and I have to admit, I've written a few scenes while that played in the background.