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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How a Writer Conquers a Killer Commute

Every day for approximately an hour and thirty minutes total, I spend my weekdays commuting to and from work.  That time adds up, and how I wish I could be writing rather than driving.

So what to do with this downtime?  Is there a way to possibly use your commute to and from work to your advantage as a writer?  Of course there is, and I'll tell you my commuter secret.

I use my time in my s.u.v. to brainstorm and go over plots.  For those who are "pantsers", meaning those who create their plots and manuscripts sans outline, this might be a rather difficult task, but for me since I love to outline my manuscripts, it makes things a bit easier.  Also, if you know the basics of where your manuscript is headed, courtesy of the outline, then when you're behind the wheel or sitting with your carpool buddies, you can easily slide back mentally into the plot and think of the little stuff, the intricate twists and turns and then when you get home get on your computer or else grab a pen and write the ideas into the outline. 

This little trick has helped me formulate new plot twists and also fix plot-holes, plus I think it helps me save time. 

And another fun commuter trick is to listen to music that inspires.  Music that has the feel of your manuscript or of a certain character helps you even more quickly get mentally back into your w.i.p.

Last but not least, do not get so into your manuscript that you fail to notice a red light or posted speed limit.  Yea, I know you'd have all the time in the world to finish your brilliant manuscript that way, but doing so from behind bars isn't the best idea.  So do try to multi-task intelligently and pay attention to your driving, or else you'll be inspired to add in your manuscript a thrilling chase scene complete with blue flashing lights and hairpin turns, all courtesy of your drive home from work.

But don't take my word for this, and listen to the Red Rocker and see what happens when he can't drive fifty-five.  Forgive me for the inclusion of this video, but I was a teen in the late 80's.  I can't help it.  Also, the former high school editor in me cannot help but giggle when watching the video because there is a word misspelled.  Watch the video and see if you can find it!  Answer is at the bottom of the post.

You've gotta love the hair and jumpsuits.  

Do you have any secrets to mastering your down time as a writer during your commute to and from work?  Are there any tunes you crank in your car that remind you of your manuscript?  Drop me a line and let me know.

Also, stay tuned my beloved readers, for we're about to have another giveaway (or two...or three). Get ready for Fall Thrills and Chills!

And now the answer to the question:  What was misspelled?  The officer wrote Sammy a ticket and it said he was "risisting" arrest.


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LOL Yes that is me! (Caterina Torres). I can't believe I forgot to leave my name!

And thanks for the shout out of my book! <3 <3 <3