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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pay It Forward Monday: The Journey of One Book

I apologize about being late with my first post for "Pay It Forward Monday" but I've been busy with work (see my bio to find out what I do).  Very very busy.

So far I've been compiling information and feedback from readers and friends from Twitter about how we as writers can start the whole "Pay It Forward" movement with momentum, and before we discuss as writers how we can help each other up, tonight instead we will take a closer look at the absolute end result of our efforts to pay it forward when we help out other writers.  So what exactly is the end result you ask?

The end result would be a beautifully written book!  And somewhere, that great book will fall into the hands of a person somewhere on this blue-green globe, and something special, possibly even life-changing happens when they open the cover and begin reading.

Now that's power!  Books wield power (in case you didn't realize this) for the gift of reading has helped people obtain employment, a higher education, and can change the course of a family forever.  Now my manuscript isn't yet finished, as I'm in revisions and putting the finishing touches on THE DEATH BROKERS, but we can take a journey with one book already on the market which I've read.  Together we'll marvel at the power of one book and the amazing things it can do, when placed in the hands of a reader.

My book is about to take a "thrilling" journey!  Grab n go time.

Although used, my book looks and feels brand new, and I want it to find its way into the hands of somebody who really needs it.  Someone who might not even have access to a single book or be able to traditionally afford one.  That being said, tomorrow it's going to take a dive into the "big green bin" where all happily used and new books go when they're donated to Better World Books!  This is the "big green bin" I pass on my way home from work each day, and after seeing it there at a gas station for months (it's by a stop light), I finally stopped myself and snapped this picture, and then went home to find out more about the "big green bin", and it was a wonderful thing I accidentally did.

Where my book will begin it's trip.  I wonder who will read it next?

Not only did it lead me to Better World Books, but I ended up discovering a wonderful bookstore called Open Books (of Chicago) and the wonderful folks there who help inner-city children learn and love to read!

So follow me as I donate my eco-thriller paperback and let's see where it could possibly end up!  The world is a mighty big place, you know.

We'll also discuss other places to donate our books, so they can do the greatest good, and let me know where you donate your books and who gets them!

Like I say, the book may be used, but the story is bright, shining, and brilliantly new for someone else.  Let's pass our literary love along, and "Pay It Forward", bringing stories to the world.

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