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Monday, May 14, 2012

"Pay It Forward Monday" The Journey of One Book Part 2

So this is my book.  It's an eco-thriller, and I hope it will bring someone hours of adventure.  I've found just the place to donate, and it's one I see every day on the drive home from work.

I've arrived.  Here at the Better World Books "big green bin"!  My book's  ready to take a little trip!

This book could find its way to the other side of the globe, or possibly find a home across town.  It's an exciting thought though, that my book could actually become more well-traveled than I am, so I'll hope that's the case.

Once again, here's a listing of the organizations Better World Books helps!  Take the time and take a look at each of them, for they're worthy causes.

I'd like to hear from you too!  Each Monday we're going to find a unique way to pay it forward, so if you have a tip on your blog how you're doing it, let me know!  Please message me here at the blog, or on twitter (I'm joeynga on the tweet).

Now for another "Pay It Forward Monday" announcement.

A Contest Looms On the Horizon...Again!

I've decided to do yet another contest to bring attention to amazing writers, called "Leave Me Breathless!", where in 200 words are less you will write a tense, action-packed moment based upon....well I can't exactly TELL you what it'll be about can I?

No, not that type of breathless...

But THIS type of breathless!                                                                     

But what's different about this contest?  It is flash-fiction, after all...

  1. NO judges.  Yep, that's right!  No judges.  You will be your own judge and people can comment on your entry, because we're here to positively help each other become better writers write? (sorry, couldn't resist that).  
  2. The winner will be chosen by my son.  And he will pull the winning number out of an Atlanta Braves baseball cap!  I'll even video it, so we can unveil the winner and make it more fun!  
  3. What better gift for the "Leave Me Breathless!" contest than a fancy-schmancy Soul & Sweet Tea reusable water bottle!  It will keep you well-hydrated as you bring to life five-finger death punches and firecracker-hot scenes.  Who knows?  You might even get yourself out of breath, if the written scene is juuuust right.

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