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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Conduct a THRILLING Experiment!

Yesterday friends, we discussed how music can become a catalyst helping a child want to read, so tonight fellow writers (and grownups), let's see if music has the same curious response, and can bring a character or book to life!

Since I'm a thriller writer, let's take a look at this phenomena from my writing style, shall we?

Watch the videos below.  These are all songs associated with books I've read and enjoyed.  As you listen, do you think of the books or characters?  How powerful is music in triggering a memory or link between a favorite book (or series) that you've read and the song? And finally, does listening to the soundtrack bring about a visceral response, helping you vividly recall the action and plot of the book?   Let me know your results.

CASINO ROYALE, written by Ian Fleming.  The character?  Bond...James Bond.
Interesting factoid:  Did you know that Ian Fleming was turned down by three publishers before McMillan Publishers offered him a book deal?  Btw, don't tell my hubs, but I also think Chris Cornell (who sang this song) is rather cute. Shhh!

As I listen to this song, I'm reminded of the lyrics and how there are many references to pain and heartbreak.  It brings to life for me, the Bond who fell in love with a beautiful woman, yet lost her forever to death, thus setting up a series of books where Bond is a solitary figure, intent on getting the bad guy and forever punishing the kind of villain who took his beloved from him.

THE DAVINCI CODE, written by Dan Brown.  When you hear this soundtrack were you brought to the
last scene in the book under the inverted pyramid?  Did you feel Langdon's wonder?  When I hear this music, this is exactly what I feel.  

MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL, written by John Berendt.  Quite possibly
one of the finest novels I've  read.  Can you hear the wind through the moss-covered trees?  Can you smell the murder?  Do you know what happens at midnight in the graveyard?  Listening to the song brings back every amazing and subtle nuance of this outstanding read.  Enjoy the haunting melody of "Skylark" by the late, great Johnny Mercer.

As writers we must be able to bring depth to our work, and evoke powerful memories and images within the minds of our readers.  I hope this little exercise will bring forth some creativity from within your soul, and that  either wonderful or terrifying, (or wonderfully terrifying!) words are woven into your manuscript.  

Evening y'all.


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