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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Win Books & Cool Writer's Mug! Enter the "Spring Into Action" Flash Fiction Contest Coming This Saturday!

You could win books and more!  Who wouldn't want
to flaunt their winnings and status as a writer with one of these?

It even sez on the bottom, "Use Mug in Event of Manuscript Edits or Deadlines".  Cool eh?
Yes dear readers, all of this can be YOURS!  But in order to flaunt your winnings, you have to enter first.  For one week, I shall challenge my blog readers and fellow writers to a fabulous, flash-fiction contest where in 200 words or less, you bring to life one of four photographs I will place on the blog, based upon my recent treks throughout northeast Florida and south Georgia.

It's your time to shine, and the winner will receive a gift package of books and goodies any thriller or mystery writer would love, along with the above coveted writer's mug proclaiming you had what it took to win the contest!  There will also be selected not one, but two honorable mention awards (I will award two if more than ten entries in the contest, if less then only one honorable mention given.) and they also will be able to flash about their winning coffee mugs to the chagrin of fellow writers at conferences or lectures.  

Oh and did I mention that there will be two very well-known judges for this fight-club-worthy competition?  They are ready for some literary action and will be bringing their red pens to the virtual arena beginning this Saturday.  Get ready to impress them. Their secret identities shall be revealed on the day the winners are announced.

The contest will run for one week only!  

Are you in or are you out?  The arena is calling, so bring it on fellow writers!



Jean Oram said...

LOVE it. Gorgeous cup. :) And I just broke my favourite and am in need of a new one!

P.S. Is the contest open for all countries, or just the US?


Joey Francisco said...

Shouldn't be a problem. However, the total for the larger prize should the winner be out of country might have a bit of it go to shipping (being sent from a bookstore!).

I have a set amount I am purchasing for the winner. ;)

Joey Francisco said...

That is if the winner is out of the states.