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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fellow Writer's Fun Contest: 
Query Flops!

Somehow, the query for this book made it through, and this
fantastic fictional counting book was published, therefore there
IS hope for us!


Old Navy Flip-Floppin' Fun!

If you're a reader of this blog and want me to announce a contest or promotion on your writing blog, drop me a line and I'll be happy to spread the good news.  We're all on a journey to become published authors (although some have reached this amazing goal), so honing our art and participating in fun contests is one of the best ways to improve skills.

One fellow reader and writer, Laura Renegar, is having a fun contest on her blog where you all get in a virtual group hug and get over any query flop frustration you might have experienced in your journey as a writer.  All you do is share your pain and mistakes (to help out our fellow scribes) and you're entered in a drawing for some cute flip flops.  Y'all know I like fun! 

Although the query for my manuscript, THE DEATH BROKERS,  has been written for months,  it's hasn't been sent out so I'm not at all eligible to win the pair of flip flops from Old Navy she's giving away, but you can!

I'm also pretty darned sure I'll receive my fair share of rejections when I do begin submitting my queries.  But will y'all rally and give me a virtual group hug when that happens?  I'll probably need it.  Because if not, I'll resort to hugging my fluffy little dog (a rescued Havanese) who isn't much of a cuddle bunny.  If that doesn't work, I could resort to sneaking up and hugging my 13 year old son (who will protest also way too much, probably saying something like, "Mom stop that!"),  although my hubs might be the best bet for an empathetic embrace.  If jags of crying or lamenting follow the hug-fest, he might not be so amenable. 

Another approach, and possibly a better one, would be to try to preempt this pain and toughen myself up.  That's always a good thing to do.  Maybe some kick-boxing?  MMA?  Hmmm...there's a world of possibilities to consider.  All I know is some amount of pain is coming my way, and while I'm going to do my best to send in a truly awesome query, hoping to knock the socks off of the perfect agent, I've got to be realistic.

We're Going Back to the Future, Y'all!

Later this week we'll delve into something different, and discuss the fun in writing about the past, and take a ride in Marty McFly's reinvented, totally southern, tricked-out DeLorean!  It's perfect for mudding in the future, and I've had both Marty and Doc install cup holders in the dash, to hold our travel cups of sweet tea!  They've also rigged the flux capacitor to keep the drinks cold.

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Laura Renegar said...

Thank you for sharing my Query Flops contest with your readers. It's been so much fun reading the entries. As the great Jimmy Buffett said, "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane."