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Friday, April 20, 2012

Time's Running Out! 
Enter the "Spring Into Action" Flash Fiction Contest!

Geez I'm certainly glad I'm not judging this contest!  Such great entries and each has made me want to know more, see where the stories lead.  Who knows?  Maybe these blurbs of flash fiction will lead to full-blown manuscripts?  That's the whole goal after all, to encourage each other to write and have fun and step outside our literary comfort zones.
Just a gentle nudge to you, dear readers, that our contest shall end on Sunday, April 22 at high-noon (that's twelve p.m. for those who never watched a John Wayne movie before), eastern standard time (Hotlanta timezone).

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy reading the entries and to all who have entered, best of luck and thank you for entering.  Hope you had fun!

We will announce the winner(s) and yes there will be one winner and TWO honorable mentions now that we've surpassed the ten entry mark.  I will contact the winner and honorable mentions to obtain addresses and additional contact information.  In case you're the winner, think of some books and authors you'd like to see on your bookshelves, and I'll send this information to Open Books so they can begin preparing the winner's prize pack!

Thank you for your participation and for stopping by for a glass of tea with me.  Never underestimate the powerful elixir that is sweet tea!

Until we announce our winners and the names of our secret judges (okay one's not so secret), enjoy what I now believe is the funniest commercial out right now and yes,  it's got a literary angle.  Scary part is I think my 13 year old son has accused me of this very crime...egads!

"A Mother's Betrayal"--Where are the books for this "book club"?

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