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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Writer's Resolutions for 2013

So what's on your writing agenda this year?

Okay, so I actually have a few writing resolutions for 2013.  Have you wracked your brain trying to come up with some too?  Try not to chuckle too hard reading mine if you will, but I intend to try to keep these going throughout the year.

My Writing Resolutions for 2013

1. Finish one more manuscript this year, but preferably two.  Props in advance to my patient c.p.'s. I tip my red Margaritaville baseball cap to you both.  You know who you are.
2.Try to keep my goals from nanowrimo, which is 1,500 words per day.  Minimum.  For either critiquing and re-reading my work or in new writing.  It's a lofty goal, but I'd love to do one chap a day when in new writing mode.
3.Paint my nails in shades with titles that inspire action or thrilling adventures. My latest shade and first of 2013 is "Casino Royale" by O.P.I.  Damn good movie.
Casino Royale-see resolution numero tres!

4.Try more iced green tea.  Keeps the writing going, even at late hours.
5.If I come across a word I haven't read before (which is rare), I shall immediately look it up to find out what it means.  Expanding vocabulary is good.  Dispels the old dog-new tricks myth.
6.When I'm stuck in a stalemate, I immediately will stop writing, and seek new inspiration or go for a run/walk, or do something else.  This was one thing I didn't do last year that became a sucking black hole with regard to making my time writing count.  As I've learned the hard way, writing cannot be forced, it must flow and when you've lost the flow, it's time to step back and go...go do something else until your mojo returns.  Then go back and write like mad.
7.Support other writers and read their blogs.  You might learn something new.  Or gain inspiration.  Or join a site (I adore !)  A.Q.C. is the bomb!  Met great writers who are now friends from around the world.  
8. Keep my membership in writer's groups & attend functions.  I joined the Georgia Writers Association and also International Thriller Writers.  Camraderie is good.
9.Attend another writer's convention.  Or two!  I attended two and can attest it truly upped my abilities.  Props to the Georgia Writers Red Clay Convention which was totally craft-oriented and also to the amazing and truly inspirational Killer Nashville, a convention for thriller writers.
10.To have a "killer" theme song if you will.  Ally McBeal had one which would always pull her out of a slump, so therefore I need one too.  Here's my thriller writer theme song for 2013! Feel down? Then boogie down.
The funk-tastic Robert Randolph & the Family Band's "Thrill of It"! 
Their music always makes me smile.

So what are your writer resolutions for 2013?  What do you want to do this year that you didn't do in 2012 (maybe besides get agent-ed or sell that m.s. for a bazillion bucks or become the new 0.99 cent millionaire on Amazon)? Let's hear from you and happy new year!


T.J. said...

I have modest ones this year. For 2012 it was simply learn how to write. I've made big strides. But this year? I'm getting ambitious. Finish Going Thru Hell and put it in the trenches. Further my editor career. Learn to write short stories - my full length have a tendency to be very dark, but I have several short story ideas that are funny. Take my blog further and read more. Join writer associations. Not too bad, right?

Joey Francisco said...

@T.J. : You have amazing NY resolutions chickie! My hat's tipped to you. You've found a companion in crime in that I too, love to write dark stuff but always manage to add in some funny stuff too.

Wishing you a fabulous year my friend!