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Monday, December 31, 2012

What a Wonderful Year It's Been!

Let's take a look back!
At this time, I'd like to thank each of you for the best first year a blog could have.  What an amazing year it's been. From the first-ever flash fiction contest (Spring Into Action)

to interviews with both rockstar authors
Roger Smith, author of DUST DEVILS and many other international best-selling thrillers

and authors we'll soon find at the top.

There have been giveaways and contests, but above all, I hope that my love for the art of writing has given you great inspiration.

And I'm looking forward to 2013, because it's the year my evil little manuscript will hopefully sprout wings and fly!  Sometime in January, my itchy-trigger-finger will hit 'send' on the keyboard and the first batch of my queries will go whizzing through the internets, so that hopefully the THE DEATH BROKERS and I can find the perfect agent.
2013~the year of THE DEATH BROKERS!  Thanks to my friend, Revo Boulanger, for 
bringing my story to life in this design he made.  Awesome writer and c.p.  Thanks Revo!

I hope you'll stick around to find out what happens, but that won't be the only fun we'll have, for in spring there will be another flash fiction contest for you to enter! I gave it quite a bit of thought, and while I won't divulge the deets just yet, I will tell you the name of the contest, which I'm calling "Rock-N-Write" and  it'll be even more fun than the first contest.

There will also be more author interviews and next week I'll kick off 2013 with a piece on what I love to call info-faux-mation, and I'll give you the scoop on what it is and when to insert into your manuscript.

But before 2013 rolls around, I'd like to leave you with a few giggles and a song.  First, the giggles courtesy of the "You May Be A Thriller Writer" segment we did a few weeks ago.

Now if you will, please sit back with me and imagine my Georgia neighbor Jeff Foxworthy reading these hilarious responses, and of course mega-props to these scintillating scribes for the end of the year giggles.  I tip my New Year party hat to you.

~You might be a thriller writer... if you stake out Goodwill boxes as possible body stash places.

I'm not weird, I just write. (Michelle4laughs)

~You might be a thriller writer if you...1. Buy furniture that looks like the ones Agatha Christie described in her novels and sit on it for inspiration.2. Write letters to Sherlock Holmes even though you know he is not a real person to ask how he does "it". 3.Attend all James Bond movies on premier night without failure for inspiration.4. Read all of Ian Fleming's novels and waited impatiently for him to resume writing.5. Find yourself quoting James Bond's onscreen and in-the-novel sayings in normal, everyday conversations.6. Are in love with Alex Cross, the first Alex Cross--his height, build, and mannerisms--and wish you had created the character first. (Frances Ohanenye)

From my family to yours, we wish you love and happiness in the coming year.  

And now,  I'll leave you with a song perfect for our New Years' Eve.  Look out 2013, here we come!

"Wonders Never Cease" by Morcheeba

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