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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wyatt's Evil Twin

Wyatt the Wonderdog!
Some of you might remember me mentioning from time to time my hilarious havanese-Wyatt.  He's thirteen pounds of fluff and fun.  And he gripes.  If you hug someone in our house and Wyatt's not actually involved IN the hug with you, you get barked at.  Sometimes he acts like a cat, walking paw over paw across the impossibly narrow back of my armchair.

On the rare occasion  he is a watchdog, growling under his breath through the door at the dog across the street, but 99.9% of the time he's just too damned friendly.  I swear, he'd waggle his butt and lick the hand of a burglar if they smiled at him. And yea,  he actually does smile!  Geez I have to get a picture of him doing this, just so you'll believe me, but he's a smiley little dude.

And he jumps.  Oh boy does he jump!  He bounces up and down like a ball, and usually he does it whenever there's a food-ish item around that he thinks he'd enjoy. I gotta get a video of that too.

But he cracks me up the most when he's watching TV. His favorite channel is Animal Planet, and if we're watching a show and a herd of wild gazelle run across the screen, he follows them, going behind the back of the TV, looks for them and gets all confused.  Where'd they go? They disappeared! Come back here!

Here's Wyatt last year ago watching the "magic box". Well, at least that's what I think he thinks it is.

And during the school year he waits patiently at the front door for my son to get off of the school bus.

Sometimes I wonder what he'd say if he could talk. And I think I might have an answer, as I found Wyatt's evil twin on YouTube.  Apparently his name is Gryphon,  and he looks like Wyatt, except he's 1) A shih tzu  2) White-ish, whereas Wyatt is black-ish  and 3) Very very evil!!!  But I love this little guy too. And now after watching this video, it makes me wonder what Wyatt actually thinks about if he doesn't get his doggie biscuit before bed at  night.
If you liked that video, check out Toby Turner's YouTube channel. He's hilarious & has another Gryphon-themed one called "Crawlasaurus" that cracks me up, featuring Gryphon crawling on the floor.  And yea, Wyatt does that too.

Now don't laugh, one of these days I'm going to write a children's book based on Wyatt.  I've already got a working title for it-Wyatt The Whatever. You see, my little guy was born at a puppy mill where they bred designer dogs and we rescued him after the mill was shut down. When we adopted him, we just wanted to save him & could care less what breed he was, and honestly to this day, we're still not 100% sure. Our old vet said he looked like & had the fur, height, face, and body structure of a havanese, so we're sticking with that. The tale (or should I say tail?) would be about a puppy that's rescued, only to go to a dog park a few months later and meet other dogs, and then try to figure out what he is. Is he a beagle?  A poodle? A golden retriever?  What IS he?

But that's just me writing/thinking out loud here, and this idea is definitely high on my bucket list.

So tell me, does your pet do anything unusual? Do they possess superpowers? Tell me about it! And I'm going to start following my dog around more often with my phone (call me the "pup-arazzi") so I can catch him doing stunts that crack me up.


SC Author said...

That is awesome! I'd read that book :D And I had pets, but not anymore :(

T.J. said...

Ah yeah ... the two Muses and Editor Kitty. They do many things, but mostly, they ensure I write. If I don't spend at least two hours with Prinny snuggled to my left thigh and Bell on my shoulders, writing on the laptop, they bounce around, snarling, growling, and going back and forth between the laptop and wherever I may be LOL And yes, they are going to make an appearance here soon for Tiffy and the gang!

Joey Francisco said...

@SC Author: Thank you! I think kids could relate to Wyatt, especially ones who might be adopted or in a blended family. I am going to be annoying him soon, following him around with my cell phone to do more video of him. I wonder what's on Animal Planet tonight? Hmmm.....

@TJ:Yay! They MUST join Murphey in the series! I <3 that damn duck! But they need a bumbling fluffy dog too. Perhaps one of the characters will get a fluffy dog that chases things on the TV? (silly, weird me).