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Saturday, February 23, 2013

And Karnak says the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...

Shhh!  He's making an Oscar prediction! And he predicts Argo to be the big winner!

Tomorrow night is glitter-night folks, the night when we ooh and ahh at celebrity red carpet arrivals and find out who wins best of the best in the movie industry.  And for me, it's a chance to see if my prediction for Best Picture prevails.  Plus, I love to see who's got on the best evening gown.  Personally, I've always thought they should award two more:  one for Best Gown/Tux and another Oscar for Best Red Carpet Entrance, but  so far, nobody from the Academy has asked for my opinion. I'm sure it's a minor oversight. (insert laughter!)

Now to those who follow my tweets (I'm @joeynga), you'll know my fondness for the movie Argo.  But let me clue you in as to why my friend Karnak and I  predict Argo will win Best Picture.   

It involves two little words.

Plot elements.  

And if you haven't heard about this film, then watch the trailer.

From the music (love the soundtrack) to the set design/costumes, to the script,  Argo is dead-on perfect.  Plus you have a storyline that's simply too fabulous to believe, but yet it all happened...and was based on a true story.  You know you can't get any better than that. 

For those of us old enough, (and I am old enough) You might remember seeing yellow ribbons all over your hometowns.  I know as a child, I remember being frightened for the American hostages, and watched it play out on the nightly news, right before my family sat down to eat dinner.  

And there's also depth to the main character.  He's in pain, separated from his wife and misses his son, but Tony risks his life to get six U.S. diplomats secretly out of 1979 Iran during the hostage crisis.

But in the end, there's one line that sums the audaciousness of the scheme to get the hostages out, and it's fabulous.  For the sake of decorum, I'll bleep out a few letters to keep this post PG-rated.

"Ar-go f*** yourself."

For those who know my thriller writing style, you know I am a sucker for a helluva good hook, and that line is definitely one to remember.  

Argo is to me, the ultimate thriller,  and hubs and I have enjoyed watching it two times already and plan on buying it when it's available on d.v.d.. Incidentally, we rarely do that these days.

In closing, if you're a thriller writer, or just love to see how a story *should* come together, then I suggest you watch this film.  The last ten minutes had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and your heart is in your throat.  It certainly taught me a lesson as a writer, and I thank Mr. Affleck for the time and care in creating Argo.  As for me, personally I'm hoping he *almost* gives the famous Argo one-liner when he accepts the Oscar tomorrow night b/c of the oh-so-wrong snub in not being nominated for Best Director (it is a PG-show).  

Do yourself a favor, go watch it.  As of last weekend, it came out on pay per view.  But if you wish to read it, know it's also a book, too!  I'll for one read it as soon as I finish doing some more manuscript reading for a critique partner & get final edits on the synopsis for my Evil Little Manuscript I'm querying.  (Cross your fingers folks, I'm just barely beginning that wild ride! Only one out.)

So tell me, what's your favorite film that won on Oscar night?  Did it have its origin as a book?  

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